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Where End-of-Book Indexes can be Created with the Ease of Filling in a Spreadsheet

The VBAtechINDEXERTM is available on a subscription basis. Just select the PayPal usage fee option: $15 for 30-days, $30 for 90-days, $45 for 180-days, or $60 for a full year. After payment, you will be re-directed to a new web page to register. Once registered, use VBAtechINDEXERTM as often as you wish during your paid subscription.

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What We Offer

You have written your book, dissertation, manual, or pamphlet, and now it needs an index. Of course, creating an index is generally not a priority until the document is finished, so VBAtechINDEXERTM makes creating your index nearly as simple as filling in a spreadsheet.

All you need is to save a copy of your document in PDF format (a standard feature of Microsoft Word and Publisher, LibreOffice, Google Docs, Pages, and other word processors), and prepare a list of key words and phrases you feel are important to index (just type them into a text editor such as Notepad and save as a .txt document).

In Step 1, you upload these two documents into VBAtechINDEXERTM to generate a spreadsheet template to download (compatable with Excel, Sheets, Calc, Numbers, and other spreadsheet software).

Then, after you have filled it in (see the tutorial), save a copy of the spreadsheet template in .csv format, and upload the .csv file in Step 2. Your finished index will be exported in Chicago-style format for appending to your document.

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