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Welcome to the eBusiness website of JOyAN Enterprises, a Chula Vista, CA based and licensed family business, owned and operated by John (JO) Richeson and (y) Anna (AN) Armendariz.  The husband and wife team have extensive business experience; John as a corporate manager, author, publisher, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programmer, and Anna as the owner and manager of import-export businesses, a credentialed ESL teacher, author of a variety of instructional materials, and provider of document editing and English tutoring services.

Because of our life-long interest in learning, we are extending creative (and hopefully, fun) ways of learning to others.  As with anything that is worth having, there is a price to pay, but we believe it is well worth it.  Begin by clicking an item that interests you...

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̃ ABCsPro for ESL tutoring, document editing, business writing and English pronunciation (web video conferencing):


̃ VBAtech for freelance Visual Basic development, VBAtechINDEXERTM, website services, and cable TV cord cutting assistance:


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