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HOA website
A simple website for small HOAs. Put all your HOA documents, regulations, and Board meeting minutes at homeowner fingertips, improve communication with an electronic Bulletin Board, and keep Board members current with unit occupancy, vendors, Board requests, and more. Give it a test drive!!


Use VBAtechINDEXER online to prepare your end-of-book index. Save your book draft in PDF format, upload it along with a list of keywords and phrases, then use the exported template to complete your index with the ease of filling in a spreadsheet.


Excel Sample
Custom development of Visual Basic for Applications (Excel, Access, Word) code, including parsing text files to data, web API queries, specialized functions, forms and macros.

Contact us. We help you turn information into usable data.


VBAtech X-PLUS Antenna
Save $300-$1,200 per year in cable TV bills and watch San Diego and Tijuana TV stations with the VBAtech X-PLUS® antenna. Whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment, we help you save!!!


XP Laptop with Linux
Have a computer with an outdated Windows 7, Vista, XP or older operating system? Bring it back to life with LINUX!

And LINUX Software is FREE!

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