Managing Data with Excel and Access Macros

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Need database queries, or spreadsheets consolidated?
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Parsing of text documents or data sets for importing into Excel or Access?
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Information for making better business decisions?

Freelance development of Visual Basic, VBA (Excel, Access), SQL, HTML, PHP and Java Script code.

And if you need a Raspberry Pi server to run internet APIs, we can handle that also!

Other JOyAN Enterprises Products and Services...

• VBAtech X-PLUS® Antennna.  Everything you need to "cut the cord" on cable TV costs.

• VBAtechINDEXER for creating end-of-book indexes from MSWord and PDF documents.

• ABCsPro Tutoring Services, helping non-native speakers learn the nuances of the English language.

• Learn step-by-step details of Mexican cooking with the picture-filled cookbook Mainly Mexican Recipes for Everyday Cooking.

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